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Mounting items and accessories may only be sold tax-free in combination with photovoltaic modules in a sensible set. And since I don't sell full sets including modules, I can also sell solar panels and/or accessories tax-free.

Possibility: You can over Partners – assembly companies Have a photovoltaic system installed and then use it to purchase VAT-free.

Ich darf Privatkunden aus Deutschland einen umsatzsteuerfreien Kauf anbieten. Es erfolgt alles automatisch, wenn Sie Ihre deutsche Rechnungsadresse angeben.

Sie müssen lediglich im Warenkorb bestätigen, dass Sie Betreiber der Photovoltaikanlage sind und die erforderlichen Voraussetzungen gemäß § 12 Abs. 3 UStG erfüllen, einschließlich der Leistung von weniger als 30 kWp.

I usually have enough items in stock.

See the current stock in the shop for yourself.

Coating is possible in any RAL color in matt using the powder coating process. Two weeks are added to the standard processing time. The coating costs an additional €4 per piece (including VAT). If you need fewer than 25 pieces, you will still need to charge a total of €100 for the coating. (Minimum quantity surcharge)

There is a separate page “assembly Instructions“After which there should be no more questions left unanswered. You will also find assembly videos there.

Unfortunately, there are some fitters who screw the hanger bolts directly onto the Eternit panels, without a sheet metal insert in between. There are many reasons against it:

  1. The surface of older Eternit panels in particular changes over time and becomes rough. This can cause the rubber seal on the hanger bolt to leak against water.

  2. A curvature or embossing is incorporated into the sheets, around which the rubber of the hanger screw is placed and thus sealed. This is not possible without curvature.

  3. The PV system moves easily in hot and cold weather in summer and winter. With my solar panels, tightness is always guaranteed.

Stainless steel V2A and an EPDM cellular rubber seals.

The EPDM is acid, alkali and weather resistant.

I would be happy to help you find assembly companies in your area that already work with my material. Under "Assembly company“I can recommend suitable assembly companies to you! link

Germany: Although some balcony power plants are simply assembled by oneself, the commissioning of photovoltaic systems on roofs containing asbestos is not permitted in Germany.

Austria: The installation of hanger bolts on roofs containing asbestos is considered “minor exposure” (Category A) and may be carried out in compliance with hygiene measures. Information AUVA

Invoice with stated sales tax or intra-community delivery will be issued.

Please register for B2B prices as a company with your tax number.

Yes you can. However, only AlMg3 alloy is recommended. But it's not as high quality as stainless steel.

  • Prevent the roof panels from breaking

  • To drain the water properly

  • The rubber of the hanger bolt is used optimally. (connection of the hanger bolt)

  • Particularly robust because it is 0.8 mm thick

  • You can drill out the Eternit plates larger through the sheets so that the hanger bolts do not press laterally onto the Eternit plates even after many years and thereby break them.

  • Optimally recommended mounting system for many types of shingle and Eternit roofs.

  • The entire PV construction behaves optimally in cold and hot conditions.

100 % of the solar sheets are produced in Austria.

You support a small business.

There is an EPDM cellular rubber seal on the underside, which should be glued by the customer. DThe seals are acid, UV, and weatherproof. The same material is also used for windows that need to be sealed for many decades. Other manufacturers say this material has a shelf life of 50 years.

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